Welcome Back!!

Welcome back! We've re-opened our beautiful building and are now offering hybrid services: onsite and livestreamed online.


For onsite:

At our community meetings, we discussed best protocols to indicate how we would like to be greeted at onsite services. We decided on a sticker system. When you enter the building, there will be 3 colors of stickers:

Green: Ready to hug!

Yellow: Elbow bump at most for me! Want to talk with 6 feet social distancing!

Red: Staying at a distance! Not yet ready for the interacting thing.

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 7.50.10 PM.png

When you enter the building you can choose to wear a green, yellow, or red sticker to indicate comfort level with interacting. We are asking everyone who attends in-person services to be masked (ages 2 and up) and fully vaccinated (ages 5 and up).

For Livestreaming:

Our Celebration Service at 10:30 am will be livestreamed from our Sanctuary. You can view this livestream on our Facebook page here, our YouTube channel here, or on our website here. Our Meditation Service at 10 am is hybrid: onsite it is held in the Library and you can join in online with our Zoom link here. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Click on the picture to download a pdf of the April survey results.