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Sacred Service

You were made to make a difference

Our members gladly give their time and talent to create a vibrant Sacred Service Ministry for Unity of Bellevue. We recognize that participation in service is a spiritual path to connection with others and God. Some of our teams are easy and fun to participate in and others require specific skills. Please consider how you can contribute to Unity of Bellevue.

Training provided by the team leads.

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THANK YOU, Sacred Servers! We couldn't do it without you!

Welcome Team

Ushers and Greeters create a welcoming atmosphere and provide logistical support for the Sunday Celebration Service in a prayerful manner.

Youth & Family Team

Provides support and education to children of all ages. Through the teachings of Unity and other educational/spiritual sources, we enhance character education for each child/teen to help foster good choices and healthy relationships with themselves and others. Additionally, through music, stories, arts and crafts, children and teens learn about the world around them from a spiritual point of view.

Hospitality Team

Enhances community relationships by providing an opportunity for food, fellowship, and connection following the Sunday Celebration Service.

Production Team (A/V)

Provides audio and visual support as well as streams our Sunday Celebration Service on social media.

Building Monitor Team

Provides oversight for the building and ensures beauty and safety during our Sunday Celebration Service.


Platform Assistants

Provides support to the minister and the community during the Sunday Celebration Service.

Prayer Chaplains

Prayer is one of Unity's Five Principles. It is a way of connecting with God and our Divine nature. Our chaplains are available every Sunday after each Service for one-on-one prayer time for all who desire it. They also offer a prayer circle after and a meditation service before our Celebration Service.


Flowers & Beauty Team

Provides Sunday morning Celebration Service altar flowers and participates in any decorating event that needs to be scheduled throughout the sacred year.

Landscaping Team

Provides oversight for the continuous maintenance of and improvements to the grounds including yards, landscape areas and forested areas, seeking to provide beauty and safety.

Bookstore Team
Bookstore volunteers welcome shoppers to the bookstore and answer questions about books and gifts. They also help with transactions such as checking out purchases/sales, love offerings, pass-through donations, or class fees.


Event Team

The Event Team plans and organizes all around holidays and special events. This could be setting up the Christmas tree, helping at the Easter Egg Hunt for our children, helping at a night of Bingo fun or planning the annual pet blessing event.

Sacred Service ministry is more than asking people to perform needed tasks in the church out of sense of duty. It is a philosophy of service based upon knowing that each of us brings gifts and life experience into our spiritual communities along with an inner desire to experience meaning and purpose in our lives, to know that we are making a difference in the lives of others.
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