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Sisters in Spirit

Women supporting women on the spiritual journey

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Healthy, purposeful women's community

On November 7, Jean Polmateer will facilitate a discussion titled, “Blessed BE."  Using Brene Brown’s, Ten Tips for Self-Love, and other material, we’ll discuss ways to improve feelings of belonging and self-compassion – how we “be”, without want for anything, and blessed by those around us.  We’ll also share favorite gratitude practices that can be practiced throughout the month of Thanksgiving in November. 


If you are a woman or are woman-identified, you're welcome to check out Sisters in Spirit. We meet online on the first Monday of every month to explore topics like Women on the Forgiveness Path, The Spiritual Response to Sexual Assault and Harassment, and Women's Purpose/Women's Place. We're real, and we're all about making our spirituality real.


Sisters in Spirit

First Monday of every month

6:30 to 8:30 pm online--Zoom link here -->>

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