• Rev. Marla Mason

March 5: A message about COVID 19

Hello Beloved Unity Community.

I'm writing to let you know that we won't be meeting in our building at Unity tomorrow. Don't come to the Center—no one will be there! We'll all be online, joining up for a conversation, "Covid 19: What's the Spiritual Response?" We'll meet online at 10 am for our regular meditation service, take a brief break, then start talking at 10:30. Grab your coffee or tea and snug up in your jammies for a compelling conversation about God, humans, and the experience of illness and loss. We're also postponing our Annual Membership Meeting, which was scheduled for 12:15 tomorrow. Members, look forward to more information soon on how we will proceed. Here's all the info for tomorrow's special gathering, including a link to join in: And don't forget to Spring Forward tonight! Meanwhile, in case you missed last week, I'll paste below what I shared with our community then. A few things have changed a bit since last Sunday, which is why we're not going to meet in person tomorrow, but I wanted you to have this context. Truth is Truth but remember: there's a balance between knowing what we know in consciousness and honoring that we don’t always know what we know as clearly as we could. That’s why I buy car insurance. So, below you'll find my communication from last week. Take it's message to heart and say well! See you online tomorrow morning. Blessings, Rev. Marla Hello Unity Family, Some of you have been asking about how Unity of Bellevue will respond to reports of local Covid 19 cases. My first response is that there is only one life, that life is God, that life is my life and each of your lives right now. In the Mind and Heart of God there is no illness or disease and no transmission of anything but love and wholeness and health. We move and have our being in God and we do not “inherit disease” (thank you, Myrtle Fillmore), not from our ancestors nor from our neighbors. I believe this is the spiritual Truth of our current situation. And I also take to heart the Muslim saying, “Trust God, and tie up your camel.” Unity is trusting God and tying up our camel. We trust in the Truth of Infinite Health and Wholeness everywhere and we tie up our camel with the following guidelines:    • Be wise and thoughtful about your interactions with others in our community. Although we tend to be huggers, you may keep your distance, if you wish, and we encourage you to respect the boundaries set by others.    • Follow good hygiene practices: wash your hands often, sneeze or cough into your elbow or a tissue, etc.    • Use the hand sanitizer we have around our building. Be sure to ask if you cannot find it.    • Know that we are regularly sanitizing hard surfaces in our environment; please help us by using good hand hygiene.     • Please do not come to the Center if you are sick or have the sniffles. Stay home and take care of yourself.    • If you do need to stay home, please stay connected by visiting our website to hear the Sunday message or our Facebook page to engage online.    • If you are immuno-compromised, this might be a great time for you to check out our online options.    • More than anything, use your God-given common sense and grace to move wisely through this time. A couple of changes to note for tomorrow morning only:    • We will not pass offering bags but will instead have an offering basket at the front of the sanctuary into which folks can drop their offering. Ushers, we’ll figure out how you an support that in the morning.    • We will not join hands while we sing the peace song and say the prayer for protection (although individuals may make that choice). In the consciousness of infinite love, please join me in affirming infinite Intelligence operating through and as anyone whose life or health is impacted by Covid 19. Know with me that those who have contracted the virus, their loved ones, their caregivers are lifted in healing power, in strength, and that they are effortlessly healed, set free of anything unlike perfect health and wholeness. Know with me that we rest in Peace, not allowing Covid 19 to feed on our fears but rather that it brings us together in Spirit and in spiritual understanding. Stand in this Truth with me and let’s see it done together. Love and blessings, Rev. Marla

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