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March 13: More news from Unity about our response to COVID 19

Hello Beloved Unity Family,

When I wrote to you yesterday morning, one of the things I said was, “…things are changing day-by-day, almost moment-by-moment.” Yesterday afternoon Governor Inslee announced we will close all schools in King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties. Last night, Oregon’s governor closed all schools in that state. And this morning I find the news that the President intends to declare a national state of emergency this afternoon.

These are big developments, indications of not just the urgency of our situation, but also of our local, regional, and national commitment to social responsibility—to doing the right things to slow the spread of COVID 19.

Although it had been the deepest desire of my heart to be able to be physically present this Sunday for those of you who might choose to come out, given all that has unfolded in the last 24 hours, I am not going to indulge that desire. I believe we could meet responsibly, following the guidelines for gatherings of 250 or less, and I also believe we have a responsibility to set an example for our greater community by releasing our attachments in service to the regional and global good.

So, we will meet online again this Sunday. In fact, let’s plan to meet online at least through the end of March. We’ll reassess for April, but it does appear we will be at least another few weeks, and possibly even longer, in this situation.

If you were unable to be with us last week, joining in is simple. Go to our website, and click on the link you’ll find there. You will be asked to sign in with your name and your email address. For those of you who are not already on our mailing list, please know that we respect your confidentiality and it is safe to share your email address—will not add you to any of our lists unless you ask us to. (But please ask us to! We’d love to share our weekly news with you!)

Also know that your board of trustees has rescheduled the annual membership meeting for March 22 at noon, also an online meeting. Members will receive a separate email with all the details, but the annual meeting is open to everyone. If you’d like to attend, you’ll find the launch link for that meeting on the same website launch page about 30 minutes before the meeting starts on March 22.

To close, I’d like to share a poem I ran across this morning. I’m touched by its gentle acceptance of what is, without giving power to conditions. Remember to be present, to pray, to meditate, to rest in spiritual truth, and to join us in spiritual community to honor our experience together this Sunday.

Love and blessings, Rev. Marla


What if you thought of it as the Jews consider the Sabbath— the most sacred of times? Cease from travel. Cease from buying and selling. Give up, just for now,  on trying to make the world different than it is.  Sing. Pray. Touch only those to whom you commit your life. Center down. And when your body has become still, reach out with your heart. Know that we are connected in ways that are terrifying and beautiful. (You could hardly deny it now.) Know that our lives are in one another’s hands. (Surely, that has come clear.) Do not reach out your hands. Reach out your heart. Reach out your words. Reach out all the tendrils of compassion that move, invisibly, where we cannot touch. Promise this world your love– for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, so long as we all shall live. –Lynn Ungar 3/11/20

PS: It is as true today as it was when I wrote yesterday that Unity stands in the need of your continued financial support. Whether you are a committed steward of our center or you are a more casual supporter, please visit and make your contribution today. Thank you for blessing Unity with your affirmative financial support.

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