• Rev. Marla Mason

March 12: An update from Rev. Marla

Hello Beloved Unity,

As you know, we’re experiencing something new in Bellevue, and throughout the world. COVID-19 is forcing us to look deeply at how we come together in community, and is asking us to be more creative and resourceful, to get out of our box and into new ways of being together.

And, things are changing day-by-day, almost moment-by-moment.

Every spiritual community is deciding how they will approach this situation. Some are completely suspending coming together, and others are continuing to meet, altering their gatherings in ways that advance wholeness and health for the entire community. Both are valid approaches; every community must decide what is best for them.

Here is our current plan at Unity of Bellevue: We want to be there for you, regardless of whether you’re out in the world or hunkered down at home. To that end, we will meet this Sunday, following public health guidelines for gatherings of less than 250 people. We’ll have our regular meditation service at 10 am and our regular celebration service at 10:30 am. We’re also going to livestream the 10:30 celebration on our Facebook page.

You’re invited to participate in whichever way feels best to you. Join us in person, if that is right for you, or join us online. You can find our Facebook page at Scroll down our posts until you find the livestream post, click and you’re in!

I also want to encourage you to consider how you can support Unity’s financial well-being during this time. Although our format has changed a bit, our vision and mission have not: we’re here to transform lives and inspire people to make a positive difference in the world; we’re here to advance spiritual awakening and transformation through the Puget Sound region. And although our format has changed, the cost to do all that remains the same. You can continue to support our work by giving generously if you join us this Sunday, or online at Thank you for blessing Unity with your affirmative financial support.

Please continue to follow the guidelines we shared last week, trusting in the Truth of Infinite Health and Wholeness everywhere:    • Be wise and thoughtful about your interactions with others in our community. Although we tend to be huggers, you may keep your distance, if you wish, and we encourage you to respect the boundaries set by others.    • Follow good hygiene practices: wash your hands often, sneeze or cough into your elbow or a tissue, etc.    • Use the hand sanitizer we have around our building. Be sure to ask if you cannot find it.    • Know that we are regularly sanitizing hard surfaces in our environment; please help us by using good hand hygiene.     • Please do not come to the Center if you are sick or have the sniffles. Stay home and take care of yourself.    • If you do need to stay home, please stay connected by visiting our website to hear the Sunday message or joining our Facebook livestream to engage online.    • If you are immuno-compromised, this might be a great time for you to check out our online options.    • More than anything, use your God-given common sense and grace to move wisely through this time.

We will move together through this time of uncertainty. And there is one thing I know for sure: there is something greater than we are, and we are having our being in this One. This One is for us and Its divine activity of perfect Health and Wholeness is unfolding right now, within each of us and in the world. We rest in Peace as we surrender to the Wholeness of God with each and every breath. I affirm the Truth and know that as we anchor in this Truth, it can only be done.

We’ll see you Sunday, online or at the center.

Much love and many healthful blessings, Rev. Marla

PS: Great news! Our beloved Sabrina McFadden has agreed to add the Volunteer Coordinator position to her current responsibilities as our Youth and Family Programs Director role. You’ll learn more very soon, but for now, say congratulations to Sabrina!

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