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Learn about Bylaws Changes

Bylaws are an important component of ministry governance. They constitute a binding agreement between the members and the Board of Trustees. They describe UOB’s relationship to Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM), provide clarity of purpose, and also explicit structure for management of our business.


As such, our Bylaws set forth the foundation and operational framework for UOB and are imperative for success and peace of mind. 


UWM recommends a ministry bylaw review be conducted at least every three (3) years. In 2023, the new UOB Governance Committee reviewed UOB bylaws for accuracy and alignment with current practices. Then, in January, the Board of Trustees, after minor modification, accepted the Governance committee’s work. Come learn about the UOB Bylaws changes that will be presented for adoption by the membership in the annual meeting Feb 25, 2024. 

This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the governance of UOB!


Feb 11, Sun:  12:10 pm (in person – UOB sanctuary)

Feb 22, Thur:  5:00 pm (zoom link)

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