Youth News

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Love is in the air! Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us in the Youth Ed. area.

This month is going to be filled with some amazing lessons about loving life and all that it brings us. We will be practicing how we can find the beauty in all of life and looking for beauty in challenging people and situations. Part of our learning will also include talking about the web of life and how we all need each other here on the planet. We will be watching parts of the movie Charlotte's Web. This movie is rich in amazing messages that correlate with our 5 Unity Principals and the spiritual ideas mentioned above. We will be pulling lessons from the movie to enrich our learning.

Our annual Cookies for the Congregation will be on Sunday, February 11th after service. Please come and get some love from the youth department as the kids give out cookies. The kids just love to serve you and to spread their abundant joy. You will be blessed in your heart and your sweet tooth!

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Lori Jenson, Youth and Family Director
Please contact Lori for further information.