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The summer is going by so fast and we are planning fun things to do inside and outside the classroom. We invite you to take advantage of “Afternoon Camp for Kids” and a “Family Night Hot Dog Barbeque” during the month of August. Flyers for these events, listing activities will be posted in the atrium and Youth area. And … we begin a 7-week journey to following the black/white/and yellow brick road in searching for the Wizard of Oz! “Oz is within … I am the wizard …  And … There’s no place like home.” As we enter this special place of the Land of Oz, we will discover that all we need to succeed in life is right within us (see dates below). Activities include watching short segments of the movie (leaving the winged monkey segment out) and getting tangled in a twister each week and throughout creating a brick road, rainbows, towers, magical slippers, and puppets. Our journey ends with a “Coming Home Party.”

August 13: Journey to OZ

August 30: Hot Dog/Veggie dogs Barbeque, 6:00-8:00 pm

September 25: Coming Home Party at Unity

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Lori Jenson, Youth and Family Director
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