Youth Events

School’s Out … SUMMER IS IN !!

What an exciting time of year it is! Summer is full of possibility! Long days at the beach or the park, camps, fun times with friends and lots of time to think! This month in the Youth Department we will be exploring the endless possibilities we can experience with our thinking! Our thoughts have power, strength and limitless capacity for expressing Good/GOD! Our lessons will explore how we can let go of our thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us, so we can experience more of the God within. We will practice affirmations and remember we can change our thoughts to change our experiences in life! Games, skits and outdoor activities will be our teachers as we enjoy the warm weather and God within!

Please join us for our first Youth & Family summer activity.  We will be picnicking and playing at the Crossroads Splash Park on Thursday, June 28 from 5:30-8:00 pm. Please bring a side dish, dessert or drinks to share.  Hot dogs, veggie dogs provided.  Details to follow on a flyer.

For more information contact: Cindy Brightbill, Interim Youth and Family Director