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ALL of our plates and cups say, “Compostable” … even our utensils are ALL compostable. So now when you through your plates and utensils out they ALL go in the green compost bins. Our Sustainability Policy is: Unity of Bellevue strives to demonstrate ecological stewardship through its decisions and choices in ways that promote sustainability. Here at Unity of Bellevue, we are pursuing several efforts to make our church more sustainable by: reducing waste, increasing recycling, conserving energy and water, using green building techniques, as well as practicing environmentally preferable purchasing. We appreciate your mindfulness and your support in doing what we can to support our planet!  Click here for our “Sustainability Policy”


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Unity of Bellevue is an Amazon.com Partner, which means that you can buy products through Amazon.com and Unity of Bellevue benefits from your purchase. Click here or click the "Amazon.com Partner" box on the Home Page. It’s that easy! So the next time you shop for books, or anything offered on Amazon.com, remember to go to Amazon.com through Unity of Bellevue’s website. It’s another way to financially support your church!