Prayer Chain

Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore defines prayer as the most highly accelerated mind action known. Prayer synchronizes one's consciousness with the Christ Mind. It is the language of spiritualty. Through prayer we align with the creative power of the Divine. It is an affirmation of Truth that eternally exists, but which has not yet come into consciousness. It comes into consciousness not by supplication but by affirmation.

“Prayer is the foundation and the heart of our work.”
Unity World Headquarters

Unity of Bellevue Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain at Unity of Bellevue is committed to holding everyone who submits a prayer request in prayer daily. They are a powerful and mighty group of volunteers, setting and holding the foundation of prayer consciousness upon which this spiritual community is built. During their private prayer time every day, members hold in prayer each prayer request we receive before sending them on to Silent Unity, our worldwide prayer ministry based at Unity Headquarters at Unity Village outside Kansas City, MO. There, the requests are held in prayer for another 30 days.

To get your prayer request on the Prayer Chain

If you would like to be added to the Prayer Chain, please call the church at (425) 747-5950 and leave a prayer request (first name only) or you can e-mail your prayer request to It will be forwarded to our Prayer Chain.

I look to no outside source for guidance.
I turn to God/Spirit within and receive all the answers for my life.