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Happy New Year Everyone … we wish you the best in the upcoming year!
We are starting the new year off with a bang in Youth and Family Ministry (YFM)! We have been learning about and practicing some fun new creative ways to be God Enforcers! We are learning how we can express God in all things by making good choices in all areas of our lives.
This month we will explore lessons in renewal, intention, friendship and happiness. You won't want to miss our annual WHITE STONE CEREMONY on Sunday, January 7 or our 'STONE SOUP" Lesson on Sunday, January 14. Both of these lessons are annual traditions at YFM and are loved by the children! Please also join us for the Fun, Exciting, Colorful and musical lessons of "Happiness is an inside job" as we draw from the movie "Trolls" to enrich our learning. 

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Lori Jenson, Youth and Family Director
Please contact Lori for further information.