Spiritual Principles of Financial Freedom
Duplicating the nature of Spirit in your financial affairs
You will learn practical strategies based on spiritual principles that produce a more prosperous experience in all areas of your life; money, health, relationships, community, fun, and livelihood. As you explore your beliefs and attitudes about money and about well-being, you will create a spiritual practice that duplicates the generative nature of Spirit in your financial affairs.
  • 8 TUESDAYS, June 19 - August 7 - 6:30-9:30 pm
  • TUITION: $120 through June 17; $145 beginning June 18
  • TEXTBOOK: None; student workbook provided (please pre-register so we can have your workbook ready for you)
  • REGISTRATIONOnline or call 425-747-5950

A note from Rev. Marla: Thank you for considering this class. It transformed my financial life 18 years ago and I am confident you will gain new insights that provide a similar experience. Register and come to the first night of class. If you're not thrilled, turn in your materials at the end of class and we'll fully refund your tuition.



Introduction to Non-Violent Communication
With Judy Willingham, Licensed Unity Teacher
6 Tuesday Afternoons: June 19-July 24 - 1:00-3:00 pm
This class will explore the basic model of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and its applications to real life situations. NVC is a language of connection, a spiritual practice and a tool for positive change. The process of NVC helps us to recognize and understand in the current moment what is truly alive in ourselves and others. NVC provides a heightened awareness of what gets in the way of our natural giving and receiving and thus empowers each of us with a greater possibility of fulfilling our hopes and desires. The practice of NVC supports the creation of a world that works for everyone. We will join together to learn the 4 basic skills and will be practicing these skills from own life experiences throughout the 6 week course. (off the week of the 4th of July)
Tuition: $90 through June 17; $100 beginning June 18th
Textbook: NonViolent Communication, A Language of Life, 3rd Ed. by Marshall Rosenberg
(Available in our bookstore)
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