Building Our Future

October 16, 2017

Dear Friend of Unity:

We at Unity of Bellevue are so glad you are here with us as we continue to celebrate our oneness with God and with each other. For over fifty years now, rain or shine, we have prepared our Sunday Services as a reminder that whatever challenges or issues we may face during our lives, the power and presence of God is always at work within us. Through the years, this spiritual center has shared over three thousand Sunday Celebrations, Christmas Services, and other sacred gatherings to share the powerful Truth of Spirit with thousands of individuals! To continue to do this, we need your help and support.

The theme of our Commitment Program (also known as the Pledge Drive) for this year is BUILDING OUR FUTURE. This year we celebrated our 50th anniversary in this beautiful center we call our spiritual home. As those members had the foresight fifty years ago to purchase the land and create this wonderful building we now enjoy, we are also preparing in consciousness for those who will be blessed by this Unity ministry in 2067 – and beyond! We thank you in advance for your dedication and support of the work we do here at Unity of Bellevue in joining our Commitment Program.

With the sale of our rental property next door, we are making much-needed repairs and upgrades to our sanctuary and other spaces here in the building. The remainder of the money received from the sale has gone into a special account for the future funding of our beloved home’s maintenance and repair. Our attention now turns to our general fund, which takes care of our ministry needs: worship supplies, youth education materials, staff salaries, and all the other costs for supporting our church home.

Our dedicated Board of Trustees and I ask you to pray and meditate on your financial commitment level for this coming year. We are grateful for your sacred agreement of support so that we can continue to minister to this Unity community for many, many decades to come. We have enclosed a commitment card for your convenience.

We love you, we bless you, and we appreciate you for all you are, and all you choose to do in building our future together.

Love and Blessings,

Paul James Tenaglia
Senior Minister, Unity of Bellevue

Click here to print out a 2018 Commitment of Support Form

I pledge my financial support to Unity Bellevue for three reasons: (1) as your Treasurer for the last 5-years I see every day how vitally important having a reliable and steady source of income is to allowing us to plan programs and offerings, i.e. Build our Future; (2) with this being my last year on the Board, it is my fervent desire to leave that position confident that we have a solid and secure fiscal foundation for building an exciting future with new and expanded programs for a vibrant community; and (3) I can’t see how I would have made it through all of the personal challenges I have encountered in my recent life without the insight and understanding of our inherent Spiritual nature, our connection with Spirit and with each other that I have gained through the teachings and experience at this Spiritual Center, and the support of this community.
I would like to express the gratitude I have for a lifetime with Unity of Bellevue, and what this center has meant to me. I have the very unique and fortunate background of being raised in this community, as my parents began attending when I was a toddler. I grew up in this community knowing that Unity of Bellevue was a spiritual home for me no matter where life took me. I have always known since I was small that this spiritual center was a safe place, a place to be lifted and know that I am prefect as I am. I now bring my own children to Unity of Bellevue and know that this is a place that they can know they are perfect as they are as well. Please join me in giving back to this very special spiritual home for generations to come and make a pledge to the Commitment Program for the coming year. 
When I first came to Unity of Bellevue, I was in transition – not living a very joyful life and feeling depressed and disconnected. I remember thinking that Paul’s message was designed just for me – how did he know? My spirit was renewed with hope and a glimpse of how a stronger connection with God within could guide me to a life of joy and peace. I felt love and support here. It is the spiritual support and teachings of Paul, the welcoming spirit of the people and the connections I have made that keep me coming back. There is a song called “Come on in” that expresses this connection to me: “... Come on in, welcome home, you are loved and you belong here now, no matter where you’ve been, come on in.”
Have you all noticed the changes in energy around Unity of Bellevue lately? We owe this to many things: Paul’s talks, new classes, great music (thanks Jeff), Spirit Groups (thanks Marla), new kid’s playground, great new food offerings (thanks Bob), and many new faces and families. And there is much more to come! We on the Board are committed to building on all of this foundation. It is through generous giving by this congregation that we have been able to thrive. If you like what is going on ... you ain’t seen nothing yet. Bottom line my friends, it is through your committed giving that we ae able to keep all this going. Please join us in building our future ... together.
I was born and bred a Lutheran. As a young adult I continued to attend church, but only because “I should.” The messages definitely didn’t resonate with me. In my mid 30’s I quit attending altogether. Fast-forward to my mid 40’s, when I experienced “the dark night of the soul.” In the midst of my despair, a friend told me about Unity of Bellevue. The next Sunday I walked through the front doors, listened to the message, and felt it was written just for me. Suddenly I was struck with the thought -- This is why people go to church! Unity of Bellevue has given me the opportunity to learn the Unity teachings during the Sunday services, classes, workshops and retreats. With my personal commitment to live the teachings on a daily basis, I have moved from victim in my life, to creator of my life. As I consider my level of financial commitment to Unity of Bellevue, I reflect on my personal journey. I want to be a part of Building Our Future. I want Unity of Bellevue to be here when someone just like me walks through the doors for the very first time.