Become a Member

Membership at Unity of Bellevue

Unity of Bellevue is a community for spiritual growth where all are valued, where positive attitudes are developed, spiritual Principle is taught, consciousness is cultivated, self-awareness is enhanced, friendship is experienced and the bonds of friendship with all people everywhere are enriched.

Do I have to be a member to attend on Sundays or special events?

Membership is not required to participate joyfully in the work of Unity of Bellevue. All worship, educational, and social activities are open to everyone.

Why should I become a member?

Membership is a step to consider when you are ready to place your spiritual growth first, knowing that as you do, and to the degree you do, “all else shall be added unto you.” This ministry supports you in knowing “the kingdom of God within you.” We are dedicated to assisting you in learning to live an increasingly effective and fulfilled life. Unity of Bellevue is a high expectation ministry; we expect the “God in you” to manifest. Membership is asking more of yourself so that you might experience spiritual growth leading to personal transformation, the fullness of life, and an abundance of all good things.

What do I get for becoming a member?

Membership has certain Rights & Responsibilities.

The Rights of Membership include being able to vote on the business of this ministry. As a member, you are also eligible to seek service as a member of our Board of Directors or as a Prayer Chaplain. But even more importantly than these specific outer forms of service, membership allows you to become invested directly in the well-being of this spiritual community. As with any relationship, it is our commitment to be present and participatory that makes a spiritual community viable and vibrant. Membership is the fundamental step in that commitment. By becoming a member, you become more than just a Sunday congregant or a class participant. You become a co-creator of this ministry, which is why membership is rightfully considered an initiatory step that can greatly enhance spiritual growth.

The Responsibilities of Membership are:

  • Prayer. Everything in Unity begins with prayer. As it is truly “done unto you as you believe,” the key to changing and elevating your belief system is through affirmative prayer. Your commitment to prayer (for yourself, for this spiritual community, and for the world) comes first. It is through exercising this “responsibility” that you receive one of the greatest rights and gifts as a member – the blessing of the two-way healing flow of love and gratitude which results from prayer.
  • Worship. Sunday Celebrations are opportunities for fellowship, renewal and the expression of gratitude. Members help the church to flourish and support others on their spiritual journey by their willingness to be at Unity of Bellevue every Sunday unless they are healing or out of town.
  • Education. We grow in knowledge of Principle and in self-awareness through a continuing plan of study. We expect all to take advantage of classes, knowing that growth and fellowship are inevitable results when we continue to ask more of ourselves. You gain, too, a fuller practical appreciation of the Jesus Christ teachings of love and joy.
  • Pledging. We know through experience that giving establishes a greater pattern of good for all. We hope members will find the faith to Pledge, remembering that Unity of Bellevue is supported entirely by the freewill generosity of all its congregants.
  • Service. We encourage members actively to participate in some form of service, within the church.

By declaring interest in Membership, you affirm that you are willing to commit to doing your part in assuring the success of your personal life experience and the future good of our ministry at Unity of Bellevue.

How do I pursue membership?

If, after prayerful consideration, you wish to pursue membership in Unity of Bellevue, contact the Minister and arrange to discuss your interest. The Minister will then inform you of what steps to take by way of orientation and preparation.

If you wish to transfer your membership from another Unity church, please see the Minister.